BarberKing is a well established man masculine barbershop, first operated in 2015. Providing excellent service of man haircut, shaving and other hair treatment needs. Started with three barbershop outlets which located in Surakarta – Central Java Province, bring up the simple yet proper masculine design as its strong atmosphere inside the Barbershop. Currently we already running 12 outlets (2018) and will keep growing as your trust growth.

BarberKing philosophy is to bring quality haircut at a very fair price, it cost nothing as compared to the awesome and clean look that a man can get. We believe our brothers who come to visit BarberKing are the ones who never want to be average, cause they’re here to be awesome with us. Outstanding warm & gentle service from our barberman will reward you with free Murrays Pomade hairstyling and a releaving classic shoulder massage.


What is behind the BarberKing name?

BarberKing  can be translated as “the king of barber”, but actually it has a greater meaning which is not us as the king, but you are! You are the one that we were treated like kings in our services, then the real meaning of BarberKing is "this is the barber of the kings". You have our pride to treat your crown (hair) back to its glory.

Welcome home Kings….